Commit 24acabaa authored by Thomas Brand's avatar Thomas Brand

Clean Makefile.

parent cd1d0445
EA_CMR_data.csv: EA_Finance_data.Rmd
EA_CMR_data.csv : EA_Finance_data.Rmd
@echo "Build EA_CMR_data.csv..."
@R -e "rmarkdown::render('EA_Finance_data.Rmd')" > /dev/null 2>&1
@R -e "rmarkdown::render('EA_Finance_data.Rmd')"
export-data :
@mkdir -p ../data
@cp EA_Finance_rawdata.csv ../data
@cp EA_CMR_rawdata.csv ../data
@cp EA_CMR_data.csv ../data
clean :
@rm -f .RData
@rm -f *.RData
@rm -f *.Rdata
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