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## 1.2.0
- Add dimension labels columns to dataframe. See example notebook.
## 1.1.0
- Implement filtering series by passing a `filters` argument to the `fetch_series` and `fetch_series_by_api_link` functions.
......@@ -66,3 +66,15 @@ pytest
# Specify an alterate API URL
API_URL=http://localhost:5000 pytest
## Release
To release a version on PyPI:
- merge one or many feature branches into master (no need to do a release for every feature...)
- update `setup.py` incrementing the package version (we use Semantic Versioning so determine if it's a major, minor or patch increment)
- ensure the changelog is up to date
- `git commit setup.py CHANGELOG.md -m "Release"`
- create a Git tag with a `v` before version number and push it (`git tag v1.2.0; git push; git push --tags`)
- the [CI](./.gitlab-ci.yml) will run a job to publish the package on PyPI at https://pypi.org/project/DBnomics/
It's advised to do `pip install -e .` to let your virtualenv know about the new version number.
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