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Implement SDMX filters

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......@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@ This will probably never be useful, unless somebody deploys a new instance of DB
import json
import pandas as pd
import urllib.parse
from .internals import api_version_matches, fetch_series_json_page
......@@ -44,11 +44,12 @@ class TooManySeries(Exception):
message = (
"DBnomics Web API found {num_found} series matching your request, " +
"but you gave the argument 'max_nb_series={max_nb_series}'."
"but you passed the argument 'max_nb_series={max_nb_series}'."
if max_nb_series is not None
else "but you did not give the argument 'max_nb_series', so a default value of {default_max_nb_series} was used."
else "but you did not pass any value for the 'max_nb_series' argument, "
"so a default value of {default_max_nb_series} was used."
) +
" Please give a higher value (at least {num_found}), and try again."
" Please give a higher value (at least max_nb_series={num_found}), and try again."
......@@ -145,6 +146,47 @@ def fetch_series_by_dimensions(provider_code, dataset_code, dimensions, max_nb_s
return fetch_series_by_url(series_json_url, max_nb_series=max_nb_series)
def fetch_series_by_sdmx_filter(provider_code, dataset_code, sdmx_filter, max_nb_series=None, api_base_url=None):
"""Download time series of a particular dataset in a particular provider, from DBnomics Web API,
given a SDMX filter.
Some providers are not compatible with SDMX filters.
To be compatible, providers series codes must be composed of dimensions values codes, separated by a '.',
like `M.QA.PCPIEC_WT`.
For example, "IMF", "Eurostat" and "INSEE" are compatible providers, but "Bank of England" is not.
A SDMX filter can designate many series, whereas a series code designates one series. It allows to:
- remove a constraint on a dimension, for example `M..PCPIEC_WT`;
- enumerate many values for a dimension, separated by a '+', for example `M.FR+DE.PCPIEC_WT`;
- combine these possibilities many times in the same SDMX filter.
If the original series code is passed to the `sdmx_filter` parameter, this function will behave like `fetch_series`,
because the series code can be considered as a SDMX filter which all dimensions are constrained.
Also, if the rightmost dimension value code is removed, then the final '.' can be removed too: `A.FR.` = `A.FR`.
Return a Python Pandas `DataFrame`.
If `max_nb_series` is `None`, a default value of 50 series will be used.
- fetch_series_by_sdmx_filter("IMF", "CPI", "M.QA.PCPIEC_WT")
- fetch_series_by_sdmx_filter("IMF", "CPI", "M.FR+DE.PCPIEC_WT")
- fetch_series_by_sdmx_filter("IMF", "CPI", ".FR.PCPIEC_WT")
- fetch_series_by_sdmx_filter("IMF", "CPI", "M..PCPIEC_IX+PCPIA_IX")
# Parameters validation
assert max_nb_series is None or max_nb_series >= 1, max_nb_series
if api_base_url is None:
api_base_url = default_api_base_url
if api_base_url.endswith('/'):
api_base_url = api_base_url[:-1]
series_json_url = api_base_url + '/series?provider_code={}&dataset_code={}&sdmx_filter={}' \
.format(provider_code, dataset_code, urllib.parse.quote(sdmx_filter))
return fetch_series_by_url(series_json_url, max_nb_series=max_nb_series)
def fetch_series_by_url(url, max_nb_series=None):
"""Download time series of a particular dataset in a particular provider, from DBnomics Web API,
giving the URL of the series as found on the website (search for "API link" links).
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ import logging
import requests
import semver
api_min_version = '0.13.0'
api_min_version = '0.13.1'
api_max_version = '0.14.0'
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ with, ''), encoding='utf-8') as f:
description='DBnomics Web API Client',
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