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Do not parse twice

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......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ from typing import (
import dirsync
from pydantic import ValidationError, parse_obj_as
from pydantic import ValidationError
from dbnomics_data_model.errors import DBnomicsDataModelError
from dbnomics_data_model.model.category_tree import CategoryTree
......@@ -1023,15 +1023,7 @@ class FileSystemStorage(Storage):
Start by reading series metadata in dataset.json `series` property,
and for each one read the corresponding TSV file for observations.
series_json_list = parse_obj_as(List[TsvSeriesJson], dataset_json.series)
except ValidationError as exc:
dataset_json_path = self.get_dataset_json_path(dataset_code)
raise SeriesMetadataLoadError(
f"Could not build model instances from the 'series' attribute of JSON file: {str(dataset_json_path)}"
) from exc
for series_json in series_json_list:
for series_json in dataset_json.series:
series_code = series_json.code
if series_codes is not None and series_code not in series_codes:
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