Commit 2d76b811 authored by Christophe Benz's avatar Christophe Benz
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Merge branch 'fix-error-code-and-message' into 'master'

Fix error code and message

See merge request !27
parents c63ca185 9101f804
......@@ -623,14 +623,14 @@ def validate_series(dataset_dir, dataset_series, ignore_errors=[], max_series=No
series_id_str = dataset_dir.series_id_str(series_code)
log.debug("Validating series %r...", series_id_str)
error_code = "invalid-series-code"
error_code = "invalid-series"
if error_code not in ignore_errors:
series_schema_errors = list(validators.series_validator.iter_errors(series_json))
if series_schema_errors:
"cause": build_jsonschema_error(series_schema_errors, base_path),
"error_code": error_code,
"message": "Series code does not conform to schema",
"message": "Series does not conform to schema",
"provider_code": provider_code,
"dataset_code": dataset_code,
"series_code": series_code,
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