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<div class="h2Block"><h2>What's New (ESRI)</h2><div class="toList"><a href="en/news/index.html" class="bulletLink">Archives</a></div></div>
<dl class="topicsList">
<dt>Feb. 17, 2021</dt><dd><a href="en/stat/juchu/juchu-e.html">Machinery Orders in December, 2020 and Forecast for Jan.-Mar. 2021</a></dd>
<dt>Feb. 15, 2021</dt><dd><a href="en/sna/sokuhou/sokuhou_top.html">Quarterly Estimates of GDP for Oct.-Dec. 2020(The First Preliminary)</a></dd>
<dt>Feb. 5, 2021</dt><dd><a href="en/stat/di/di-e.html">Indexes of Business Conditions December 2020 Preliminary Release</a></dd>
<dt>Jan. 29, 2021</dt><dd><a href="en/sna/stock/stock_top.html">Quarterly Estimates of Net Capital Stocks of Fixed Assets Jul.-Sep. 2020</a></dd>
<dt>Jan. 29, 2021</dt><dd><a href="en/sna/sddsplus/sddsplus_top.html">Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (2020Q3)</a></dd>
<dt>Jan. 29, 2021</dt><dd><a href="en/stat/shouhi/shouhi-e.html">Consumer Confidence Survey January, 2021</a></dd>
<dt>Jan. 29, 2021</dt><dd><a href="en/sna/household/household_top.html">Quarterly Estimates of Household Disposable Income and Household Saving Ratio (Reference series) for Jul.-Sep. 2020</a></dd>
<a name="index02"></a><h2>SNA(National Accounts of Japan)</h2>
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