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"EL2R":"CPIY: percentage change over 1 month",
"EL2S":"CPIY: percentage change over 12 months",
"FAUI":"Internal purchasing power of the pound (based on RPI): 2002 = 100",
"FSI9":"RPI: Average price - Beef, Roasting joint, per Kg",
"FSL3":"HICP Annual percentage change - EU27 2015=100",
"GB4Y":"Internal Purchasing Power of the pound (based on RPI) : 2006 =100",
"GHY7":"HICP Annual Percentage Change Romania - 2015=100",
"GHY8":"HICP Annual Percentage Change Bulgaria - 2015=100",
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"description":"Datasets for each of the chapters in The Blue Book 2019 including the national accounts at a glance, financial and non-financial corporations, households and non-profit institutions serving households and summary supply and use tables.",
"name":"UK National Accounts, The Blue Book time series"
"description":"A detailed breakdown of the components of GDP.",
"name":"GDP first quarterly estimate time series"
"description":"Monthly estimate of gross domestic product (GDP) containing constant price gross value added (GVA) data for the UK.",
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